Lead Based Paint Removal Company in Michigan

Your home is your safe haven. It’s where you go to relax and unwind, and it should be the number one place you feel confident that your children are safe. Unfortunately, however, this isn’t always the case. Many homeowners don’t realize that one of the greatest dangers to their health and the health of their family may be living in their very walls.

It wasn’t until 1978 that the dangers of lead exposure were truly recognized and banned for residential use. Because of this, if you own or rent a home that was built prior to 1978, there is a high probability that it was decorated with lead-based paint. Before you just go into panic-mode, take the time to understand what you’re up against, how to recognize it and how Complete Environmental Solutions LLC can help you eliminate the danger from your home.

How to recognize lead-based paint hazards

Unfortunately, lead paint isn’t always something you can identify just by looking at it. If the paint stays in good condition, it can be almost impossible to tell. Luckily, however, the dangers can be minimal when the paint is fully intact. The problems become more serious when the paint begins to deteriorate and take on a scaly pattern. That’s when you know you have a problem that can escalate into peeling, chipping, chalking, etc., and contaminate the clean air in your home.

Why is lead paint dangerous?

If lead-based paint develops into a chalky dust in the air or clips off in an area where your small children can reach and ingest it, you’re facing a significant risk of lead poisoning. Adults can experience high blood pressure, nerve disorders, joint pain and more. Children, who are much more susceptible to lead exposure, can experience  nervous system and kidney damage, decreased muscle and bone growth, speech, language and behavior issues and other long-term effects.

How can Complete Environmental Solutions help?

Just because lead-based paint may be hidden behind layers of lead-free paint doesn’t mean that the hazard has been eliminated. Once a certified testing professional has concluded that lead is present in your home, don’t wait to hire a certified professional lead abatement contractor to have it permanently removed. Complete Environmental Solutions LLC can remove the threat using specialized materials, and give you peace of mind knowing that your family can breathe safe, clean air in the comfort of your own home.

For more information about Complete Environmental Solutions LLC and the lead-based paint removal services we provide to Michigan residents, contact us today at 313-334-9974.

Click on the following PDF’s for more information about lead base paint removal

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